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Welcome back to Murph’s Travels. Here I drink a lot of vodka and a lot of whiskey. Wait…while that is true, that’s not the topic of this specific blog post. Admittedly, I haven‘t posted in a bit, I spent a few weeks at the beach in Nayarit doing nothing. I proceeded to stay in Leon for five days then came to Morelia, in an effort to find less tourists. Morelia is the largest city and the seat of Michoacan state. It is also one of the most beautiful centros or historic areas I’ve visited in Mexico during the last eleven months.

Typically, I’ve remained single during the last two years of continuous travel. Moving nonstop does not adhere itself to creating long term relationships. That is not always true, I know people who have met while traveling and stayed together for months. Personally, there was a relationship sprinkled in with other various social encounters. Even though I am usually content alone (not the weird Emma Watson self-partnered thing), it is nice to sometimes have a woman’s company and touch. Enter Tinder (or Bumble, but in this case it was Tinder).

Apparently, three out of five Tinder users are located outside the United States. Tinder is phenomenal for three reasons, even though it has a less than desirable reputation for being a fuck market. One, you get to meet local people. Locals who can show you the best street food, where the good museums are located, and they speak the local language. Number two, you gain an interpreter. I have been in Mexico, and Latin America for a long stretch now, but it can be helpful to have someone who speaks Spanish fluently. Additionally, a local girlfriend can help you learn the language more quickly. An excellent fringe benefit. In many smaller cities in Mexico, many locals don’t speak English. The third reason is you gain an adventure partner. Regrettably, sometimes the word adventure is used in Mexico to describe a different activity, but I’m referring to beach days, hunting for history, and road trips.

Around the second day I was in Morelia, I matched on Tinder with a girl named Ambar. We talked for about three or four days before she had a day off, because she worked a ton of hours at her job. She was 23 and just graduated from university. I have to say I was excited to meet her, she seemed really nice, and we had worthwhile conversations. Last Wednesday, she was off work, and we went on a date.

We met around the Plaza de Armas and talked for about 5 minutes. The hostel was very close, so went back to lock her bag up so she didn’t have to carry it around. I wanted to see the Morelos museum, dedicated to Father Jose Maria Morelos, a hero of the Mexican Independence. It was closed though, so we visited the Museo de Dulce, the candy museum of Morelia, which is quite popular.

We had to wait about 30 minutes for the tour guide to come back from lunch, so we got to chat and I showed her pictures from Africa. I can always talk about Africa. It was interesting to watch the old fashioned method of making traditional candy and there are lots of old pictures on the wall showing the development of Morelia. They even have a map from the 1500’s which is fascinating. We watched a short movie and were the only ones in the theater, so we got to joke around and talk. It’s a little bit of a tourist trap as they have tons of candy to buy, but they don’t pressure you. The tour was only 30 pesos each and was easily worth a $1.50. We continued walking around the city and stopped at the Jardin de las Rosas (Garden of Roses).

The Rose Garden is a long, narrow alley with restaurants and is a nice place to sit and talk. We chatted for about an hour and then began to get hungry and strolled back towards the Plaza de Armas. We ended up at a restaurant called El Campanario. El Campanario is a rooftop restaurant above the Hotel Mision Catedral. As the name suggests, it looks down upon the cathedral, plaza, and the immaculately manicured trees. It is a great view but as the night went on, the breeze became outright wind and it was a little cool. We both ordered spaghetti, I think she had camarones (shrimp) on her plate. I’m not a fan of seafood. Weird, I know.

She was supposed to have a conference call at 9pm for work, so we headed back to the hostel to retrieve her bag. We walked outside so she could wait for the colectivo back to her neighborhood. Unfortunately, this is where the date took a negative turn. We were talking and she told me I should, “meet other other girls from Tinder, it might be fun.” I was honestly a little taken back by that, but shortly after the colectivo arrived and she headed home. We talked a little that night after she was home, I asked her to tell me she was safe, because it was late.

The next day, we continued chatting where we left off. She again sent me message on the old IG, that I should see other women. I’m not going to post the whole conversation, some of it is more personal. I feel like though she could have just said she wasn’t interested anymore, instead of saying she didn’t have time and passing me off on other girls. It’s a strange way in my opinion to get rid of someone. Needless to say, I will look forward to the next Tinder disaster or delight.

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