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I recently came to Bucerias following several weeks in Guadalajara. A few months ago, a friend of mine recommended Sayulita for a beach town over Puerto Escondido, but it appeared there was too many Commiefornia (California) people and other non desirable types. After a little searching, I found the small town of Bucerias, about 20 minutes from Sayulita and about 30 minutes from Puerto Vallarta. This seemed perfect as it was still on the beach and located far from the international trendies and hippies. Bucerias is a small town in the state of Nayarit with about 10,000 full time residents. Typically, that number explodes to 18,000 under normal circumstances, but this year is different with Covid-19. It’s hard to estimate how many people are down here, with a lot of snowbirds missing.

I took the ETN/Turistar bus from Guadalajara to Nuevo Vallarta, which is a small bus stop in a plaza, but close to Hostel Bucerias. I love ETN buses for anyone who hasn’t ridden them. They have three large seats instead of four in a 1/2 configuration and I knock out almost immediately. Even though the Nuevo Vallarta bus terminal is small, it offers routes to many major cities. I spent the first couple weeks in the dorm, which holds 14 people, but was almost always empty. Eventually, one of the Argentinian guys who volunteers at night, told me I should move to the studio apartment on the 3rd floor.

It’s a huge unit, so I ended up changing for one month. The cost was $10,000 pesos. You can get the studio cheaper if you stay longer, but it does include utilities and it’s only a 7 or 8 minute walk to the beach. You can see the beach from the rooftop. This apartment has a large shower (long) with rainshower head and as you can see from the pictures, it has a full kitchen and is quite large. There is a large Chedraui grocery store next door, they always have great vegetables. If you’re not familiar, Chedraui is a major grocery store chain in Mexico. One block the other way is a nice gym. It’s newer and has a full squat rack and flat bench; it’s a little pricy for Mexico at almost $50 USD for a month but it’s obviously the area.

The hostel has a large rooftop with a full kitchen and great view of the sunset. The only negative of the roof top is the fence around it if you want to shoot the sunset, but I guess they don’t want anyone getting hammered and falling off the roof. It also offers a large backyard with a full bar, not coincidentally I think, called The Backyard. The Backyard, the backyard (the other backyard/ the actual backyard), and the hostel have live music three nights a week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Saturdays there is a girl who sings named Andra. She has a phenomenal voice and she loves her cat so much, she wrote a song about him that she actually performs.

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