Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a necessity. You should never leave home without travel insurance, whether you are hitting the road, going off the beaten track, or breaking the journey. Not only does it cover you if you get sick, but it also covers all your expensive photography and vlogging gear. Pretty much every blogger, vlogger, and digital nomad I know has at least one camera and smart phone. You never know when you might drop your iPhone in the hot tub (thanks Absolut). There are several caveats though for which you should be aware. 

Not all travel insurance covers Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR). A cancel for any reason policy can make your travel insurance 40-60% more expensive. Most CFAR policies don’t even cover 100% cancellation.

The reality is that all insurance companies suck in some fashion, whether that’s home owners, auto, travel, etc. Here though are four of the better travel insurances. I have used all of these at one time or another and none of them are sponsoring this post, so decide which one works best for you.


After traveling for many years, here are my recommendations.


World Nomads is well known as a travel insurance provider. I used them in August 2017 and August 2019 when I was trekking through Africa. Typically, people I know who have claimed with them were quickly paid. They also cover many activities that other insurance companies do not, such as adventure sports and physical endeavors. For the more extreme end of activities, you would have to upgrade to their Explorer plan. World Nomads contracts through various providers depending upon location. It is possible for the fine print to change depending on where you are in the world at any given time.

During the earlier part of the Covid pandemic, World Nomads did not cover Covid-19. They have update their site now to say, “World Nomads travel Protection Plan purchased by U.S. residents may provide coverage for specified benefits if you test positive for the COVID-19 virus.” World Nomads DOES NOT offer an option for Cancel For Any Reason. There is multilingual 24-7 emergency support available.







Safety Wing, founded by fellow nomads, offers nomad insurance and two types of remote health insurance. The immediate benefit in considering Safety Wing is that they cover Covid-19. As of August 2020, 100%, they cover it. 

They are nominally more expensive than Trawick; their nomad insurance starts at $40.00 for 4 weeks. That pricing will get you, as of today, a $250 deductible, a $250 000 max limit, and cover 18-39 years old. The other nice thing about Safety Wing is that you can buy insurance even if you are already abroad.






I utilized Trawick in January of this year, when I visited Costa Rica for a month. They are one of the approved Covid19 insurers by the Costa Rica government for their health salud. Admittedly, this was my first time using them, and I thought they were excellent. The form was quick and easy and the price reasonable for the daily Covid coverages included. The total for 33 days was $38.00. You can download the letter from your account and then show the digital copy at the airport check-in.